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Who we are

Al-Marshad Holding’s record celebrates many developmental, economic and developmental achievements, since its inception as a small enterprise in 1389 H by the founder, Sheikh / Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Marshad – may God have mercy on him – in the capital, Riyadh, until he launched it into a holding group located in more than ten Saudi cities and achieved Development achievements in various fields, as well as many development, real estate and investment projects that in turn contribute to development and prosperity.

And in pursuit of Al-Marshad Holding to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership that relies on the private sector to play a major and pivotal role in contributing to the realization of the Saudi Vision 2030, which stresses the importance of the role of the private sector in shaping the path of the Kingdom’s economy, it was keen to diversify its contributions to national development through investment, real estate development, contracting and trade industry and work in the field of electricity in addition to agricultural projects.

Al-Marshad Holding assumed the responsibility of contributing to meeting the needs of citizens, residents and tourists of the Kingdom, in its development projects, in cooperation with government agencies and investors in construction and development.

Al-Marshad Holding also contributes through its investments in creating job opportunities for the country’s young men and women in many fields. As for community service, Al-Marshid Holding has various contributions in supporting charitable, housing and educational projects as part of its national and social duty.


Providing high quality services and products in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner, which stimulates the embrace of creativity and diversity and contributes to the growth of the group.


Develop our key sectors through optimal investment while maintaining high-quality development standards.


We put our creative touch in all our investments


We operate to high standards and exceed expectations


We care about sustainability and community empowerment


We keep pace with changes to contribute to achieving the Kingdom's vision 2030


Accelerate the growth of Al-Marshid Holding business, improve the performance of its investments , and create sustainable and growing profits for shareholders

Business Development

Building partnerships in governmental and semi-governmental entities and the private sector to achieve the objectives of the strategy


Continuous maintenance of the group's governance and its relationship with related parties in a way that ensures its continuity and achieving the vision of its shareholders