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تحقيق تطلعات القيادة
In pursuit of Al-Marshad Holding to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership
It was keen to diversify its contributions to national development through investment, real estate development, contracting and trade industry and work in the field of electricity in addition to agricultural projects.
تساهم .. تلبية احتياجات
Almarshad Holding also contributes through its investments in
Contributing to meeting the needs of citizens and creating job opportunities for the country’s young men and women in many fields
As part of its national and social duty
Almarshid Holding has various contributions in supporting charitable, housing and educational projects

Our Strategy


Achieving sustainable value through innovative, high-quality investments


Developing the group’s investments and maintaining sustainable development standards

Our Investments

In pursuit of Al-Marshad Holding to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership that relies on the private sector to play a major and pivotal role in contributing to the realization of the Saudi Vision 2030, which emphasizes the importance of the role of the private sector in shaping the course of the Kingdom’s economy, Al-Marshad Holding was keen to diversify its contributions to national development by investing in Several important economic fields, namely real estate development, contracting, trade and industry, as well as in the field of electricity generators and information technology, in addition to food and agricultural projects.


Al-Marshad Contracting is one of the largest contracting companies in the Kingdom, specialized in the production of prefabricated concrete, and it implemented many major governmental or private projects.

Investment and Real Estate Development

Al-Marshad has invested in the development of commercial complexes, central vegetable markets, and industrial cities through its presence in more than ten Saudi cities.


Al-Marshad Trading specializes in the distribution, installation and maintenance of low-voltage, control and critical energy materials and their accessories. It is a distributor for a number of international companies in Saudi Arabia.

Electrical Generators

A factory specialized in the repair, modernization and maintenance of electric power plants, control systems and periodic maintenance thereof


Specialized in importing and trading pesticides, seeds, fertilizers and public health pesticides. It is an authorized agent for a number of major international companies.

Our History

Almarshad Holding
Almarshad Holding

Al-Marshad Holding was established by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Marshad, may God have mercy on him. Its inception was the opening of a commercial exhibition for electrical appliances in Al-Safat Square in Al-Dirah district, in addition to buying and selling  of real estate.

Almarshad Generators
Almarshad Generators

In 1985, Al-Marshid Holding expanded its investment fields by establishing the Al-Marshad Factory for Electric Generators.

AlMarshad Investment and Real Estate Development
AlMarshad Investment and Real Estate Development

In 1987, Al-Marshad Holding launched its investment arm through Al-Marshad Investment Company, through the establishment of the central vegetable market in western Riyadh, as the first air-conditioned vegetable market in the Kingdom.

Almarshad Trading
Almarshad Trading

In 1994, Al-Marshad Holding set out to invest in the electricity field by launching Al-Marshad Trading Company.

Almarshad Contracting
Almarshad Contracting

With the architectural renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom in the field of construction and to meet the requirements of the stage, Al-Marshad Holding launched Al-Marshad Contracting by owning a precast concrete factory.

Almarshad Agriculture
Almarshad Agriculture

Based on Al-Marshad Holding’s desire to diversify its investments, Al-Marshad Holding launched Al-Marshad Agricultural Company, which specialized in trading seeds, fertilizers and pesticides in 2008.