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Social Responsibility

Al-Marshad Holding assumed the responsibility of contributing to meeting the needs of citizens, residents and tourists of the Kingdom in its development projects, in cooperation with government agencies and investors in construction and development.

Al-Marshad Holding also contributes through its investments in creating job opportunities for the country’s young men and women in many fields. As for community service, Al-Marshad Holding has various contributions in supporting charitable, housing and educational projects as part of its national and social duty.

Organizations and Associations City
Participation in supporting projects of the King Salman Foundation for Charitable Housing Riyadh
Participation in supporting King Abdullah International Gardens Riyadh
Participations with Riyadh Municipality in the Riyadh Eid celebrations Riyadh
Construction of a civil defense building in Al-Marqab district Riyadh
Supporting the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh Riyadh
Supporting the Bonyan Association Riyadh
Supporting the Disabled Children Association Riyadh
Supporting the Charity Association for Orphans Care (Insan) Riyadh
The inauguration ceremony of school projects at the General Administration of Education Riyadh
Participation in the National Day celebrations with the Riyadh Municipality Riyadh
Participation in supporting the establishment of Prince Sultan University Riyadh
Participation in the King Salman Center for Culture and Heritage Riyadh
Supporting the Charitable Association to Facilitate Marriage Riyadh
Participation in the King Salman Social Center Riyadh
Full sponsorship of Eid events in western Riyadh for four years Riyadh
Caring for the families of prisoners through the National Committee for the Care of Prisoners (Tarahum) Riyadh
Establishment and construction of Al Jubailah Public Park. Dariya
Golden Sponsorship of Values and Ethics Initiative (Khair Ummah) Medina
Supporting the central laboratory of the Municipality of Madinah Medina
Supporting the Agricultural Association of Medina Medina
Supporting the Medina Cooperative Society Medina
Supporting the Friends of the Palm Madinah Festival Medina
Supporting the Madinah Dates Festival Medina
Building a charitable preservation or grace Restaurant Medina
Supporting the International Day of Civil Defense Medina
Supporting the charity warehouse in the central market Medina
Supporting the Madinah Tourism Promotion Authority Medina
Medina Takaful Charity Association Medina
A project to glorify the fate of the Prophet Medina
Suqia Charity Association Medina
Supporting the Settlement and Employment Forum Medina
Supportin the Institute for Family Development Al-Ahsa
International Volunteer Certificate Programs Al-Ahsa
Festival "Oh sweeter dates" Al-Ahsa
Hosting and supporting periodic lectures for the Department of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance at Sheikh Abdullah Al-Marshad Mosque, may God have mercy on him Al-Ahsa
Sponsoring and hosting the Productive Families Festival in Al-Ahsa for two consecutive years to support more than one thousand families Al-Ahsa
Official sponsorship of Al-Ahsa Shopping Festival Al-Ahsa
Hosting several events for the Ministry of Health Al-Ahsa
Supporting Al-Ahsa Dates Festival Al-Ahsa
Strategic partnership with Al-Ahsa Tourism Authority Al-Ahsa
Sponsoring the activities of the Department of Education Al-Ahsa
Sponsoring the activities of Al-Ahsa Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center Al-Ahsa
Supporting Al-Ahsa Girl Development Association Al-Ahsa
Supporting the activities of Al-Bir Charity Association Al-Ahsa
Supporting the programs of Zahra Breast Cancer Association Al-Ahsa
Supporting the activities of Al-Ahsa Culture and Arts Association Al-Ahsa
Supporting the Events of the Creative Festival for Handicrafts Al-Ahsa
Support Itaam Association Al-Ahsa
Support Social Development Center Houfouf
Supporting the prominent Social Development Center Al Mubarraz
Supporting Business directory Yanbu
Supporting the historical area project Yanbu
Supporting the World Powerboat Championship Yanbu
Supporting the activities of the International Day of the Civil Defense Department Al-Ula
Summer Training Initiative (Takatuf) for the Human Development Fund at Taibah University Al-Ula
Golden sponsorship of the International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology Al-Jouf University
Establishment of a multi-purpose theater Al-Jouf University
Supporting the convoy of the sons of the martyrs Makkah Al-Mukarramah